Wendy's Mission

My mission is to bring love and romance back into relationships through cooking.

I want to teach couples how to have intimate time while being playful, provocative, enticing and having no rules.

Wendy's Mission

 About Wendy!

My  love for food and entertaining started when I was growing up sitting on my mom’s kitchen counters watching and participating in preparing family meals. She was a very health conscious cook and aware of how food affects our mind and body. My experiences include fashion modeling, traveling the world and designing a clothing line. Also publishing an inspirational book while raising four kids. Bringing all of my experiences together as the Sexy Chef is something I enjoy.Being a sexy woman and making food playful is my passion. Get ready to throw on your heels, sex yourself up and go for it — in the kitchen, the bedroom and life.


I'm so excited to see you soon!

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