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model / designer / chef

Your Sexy Chef Wendy

I am convinced I popped out of the womb in high heels running, so why wouldn’t I be wearing heels in the kitchen?

My love for food and entertaining started when I was growing up sitting on my mom’s kitchen counters watching and participating in preparing family meals. She was a very health conscious cook and aware of how foods affect our mind and body. We had a vegetable garden in our backyard and an array of fruit trees, such as: fig, apricot, tangerine, grapefruit, orange, kumquat and grapevines. I could virtually spend all day in my yard playing and feeding myself naturally.

We spent every evening at the dinner table with family and guests, eating healthy and delicious food.

The kitchen and dining table were always the highlight of my day. I loved watching the eclectic group of people my parents gathered around at dinners over the years come alive. I relished in setting the table for dinners, as fantasized about who would be there and how important it was to make everyone feel as though it were their special night. I loved getting dressed up and serving our guests, even if it was just family.

I spent my earlier years as a fashion model, traveled the world, designed a clothing line, published an inspirational book, and raised four kids. Now I enjoy bringing all of those elements together as the Sexy Chef. Being a sexy woman and making food playful, enjoyable is my life. It’s truly an intimate time you can spend with someone relaxing while being playful, provocative, enticing and having no rules.

So, throw on your heels, sex yourself up and go for it — in the kitchen, the bedroom and life.

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